Lamp/Chandelier Repair

Rewiring and aesthetic repairs are made on any lamp or chandelier in our shop daily.  Repairs generally take less than one week.

services offered in our shop

Tool Sharpening and Repair

We can sharpen and manual garden or hand tool on the spot.  We also install new handles on your broken tools.  Lawn mower blades are sharpened in minutes.

Storm Window/Screen Repair

We install new glass in your broken storm windows and new screen in your torn screens.  Repairs take less than one week.  Come get a quote today.



SINCE 1964

Our services

  • Lamp/ Chandelier and Fixture Repair
  • Key copies
  • Tools sharpening and Repair
  • Glass and Mirror Custom Cut
  • ​Lumber Custom Cut
  • Storm Window Repair
  • Screen Repair
  • Small Furniture Repair
  • Custom Paint Mixing/Matching