Hillsboro Hardware offers a variety of services to Nashville's surrounding community. We offer a large selection of paint, fasteners, plumbing, electrical, and more. Check out our other services below!

Lamp/Chandelier Repair

Rewiring and aesthetic repairs are made on any lamp or chandelier in our shop daily. Repairs generally take less than one week.

Repair Shop

If it fits through the front door, more than likely we can fix it. Some of these items include lamp/chandelier and fixtures, handles on broken tools, small furniture, small engines, and many more!

Tool Sharpening

We can sharpen and manual garden or hand tool on the spot. We also install new handles on your broken tools. Lawn mower blades are sharpened in minutes.

Glass/Plexiglass Cutting

We also service the area with a full selection of glass, mirror glass, and  plexiglass cutting available in single, double, and triple (plex only) strengths. Call ahead for pricing and availability and we can have your glass or plexiglass cut ahead 
of time, ready for you when you arrive.

Custom Cut Lumber

Most don't know this, but we have a basement full of lumber that can be cut to the dimensions you need. Stop in and talk with our team to get your next build on its way!

Paint Color Mixing & Matching

Got a paint project you've been wanting to get underway? Hillsboro Hardware offers all the exclusive Best Look paint you need and can color match any hue you want! For the quickest and most accurate paint color matching in your area, come see us at Hillsboro Hardware.

Storm Window/Screen Repair

We install new glass in your broken storm windows and new screen in your torn screens. Repairs take less than one week.  Come get a quote today.

Key Copies

A second or third set of keys can offer peace of mind if you have lost, broken, or worn out keys. Hillsboro Hardware is your go to local hardware store for key cutting services. Save time and have your keys cut at Hillsboro Hardware instead of driving all over town.